The discussion front and rear wheel drive in cars is the subject of fierce debate. Even major manufacturers cannot agree. In the end it comes down to the feelings and preferences of the driver. And this is also the case when the driver is a cyclist. As the designers of the entire bicycle, we had the freedom to put the OKO’s motor anywhere we wanted. Rather than the rear wheel or the crank, we chose the front of the bike.

There are a few reasons we made this decision. The first is weight distribution and stability. Our battery is mounted in the top tube and most of the rider’s weight is towards the back of the bike, so putting the motor at the front creates more of a sense of balance. The front wheel feels more grounded and doesn’t ‘float’. There’s a kind of invisible triangle - front motor, middle battery, rider.

The next is to do with the difference between pushing and pulling. Pushing a heavy wheelbarrow is easy and more controlled than pulling it and the same principle applies to a bike. The power is being applied where the steering is done. The bike always pulls in the direction it is pointing.

Finally, with a front motor, we have the option of an internally geared rear hub, rather than a derailleur.