“I live north of Mårslet on the outskirts of Aarhus. My office is in the marina area of Nordhaven in the city centre. That’s roughly 10 km away.

I am off the grid when it comes to the buses and the Letbanen - both are almost two kilometres away from home.

Travelling by car is an option but, depending on what time I leave for work, traffic can be heavy. Google maps tell me that the journey should be a 20 minute drive but it has taken double that time.

When I arrive at the office, it can be very difficult to find a place to park. And if I find a place within walking distance of work, I can only park for three hours. This means I have to set an alarm for me to go and relocate the car during the day, which is almost always inconvenient.

This was why I bought a Biomega OKO. I already had a conventional bike that I used for pleasure but I didn’t like the idea of arriving at the office all sweaty.

The first thing I noticed, when I started making the trips, took me by complete surprise: I got to work in exactly the same time each today. And it always took exactly the same amount of time every day.

I have actually managed to ride to work faster than it took me to drive. Cycle lanes are not congested and cyclists in Denmark tend to have right of way at many junctions.

For an eye-opening thrill to wake me up in the morning, I put the OKO on full power along the waterfront. On the way home, I get a welcome power surge going up the huge hill from the beachfront to suburbia.

I can easily go for three days without running out of battery, depending on how I use the power.

The OKO wasn’t cheap but neither is public transport when you do the maths.  And my OKO takes me wherever I want to go, exactly when I want to.

Plus I park it right outside reception.”