Mathias is a relatively new OKO enthusiast and it was his relatively new job that prompted him to buy his white, carbon fibre machine. (Both job and bike are going very well.)

Before meeting his OKO and taking a fifteen minute test ride at the Copenhagen flagship store, Mathias had a pretty dim view of eBikes. And when he bought the OKO his friends echoed his previous perception when they commented ‘Are you really THAT old?’.

This was, of course, before they saw the bike or heard Mathias’ rave reviews. Mathias landed a new job and wanted a car alternative. “I needed a bike that worked every single day.”

If his transport to work was going to compete with a car, it would need to…just…perform. No chains popping off. No maintenance.

The Biomega OKO offered belt drive and hand-built quality, backed by a reassuringly long guarantee, which clinched the deal - although Mathias really did his homework before making his choice. He could have chosen many cheaper alternatives.

“It wasn’t a cheap bike. It was the most expensive bike I’ve ever bought.”

It turns out that Mathias made a solid investment. His purchasing decision was as thorough as it would have been if he’d been looking for a car. But he settled on a bike instead.