I have travelled the equivalent of a trip to Spain and back

Marianne bought her OKO because her husband showed her a picture of the bike on the Biomega website. 
It was an instant hit.

Thats the one Im going to get,she said. And she was so convinced, She didnt look at anything else.

To Marianne, e-bikes were not very pretty and for old people. They were also easy to spot because of the batter mounted on the back But the Biomega OKO didnt scream e-bikeHer motivation for buying an e-bike was a new job at a bank in Fredericia, which is 12 km from where she lives on Funen.

If I didnt have an OKO I wouldnt ride to work every day.”

She bought it from the Copenhagen store but didnt test ride it at all. She didnt feel comfortable riding an e-bike for the first time in a city centre. So the first experience was at home and it was good. This was in December 2017.

Marianne looks after herself and lives an active life. She walks and has hired conventional bikes when on holiday in Bornholm. She only uses the motor for about 1km in each direction. When she first got the bike she used the power more but now she likes to get her exercise. 

I have travelled the equivalent of a trip to Spain and back on my OKO.”

People have been very complimentary about her bike and they say Is this really an e-bike?’ Marianne recommended the OKO to her friends and a husband and wife both became customers of Biomega.

She is so proud of her bike that she said she had contacted Biomega and offered to let people try her bike because there arent any shops nearby.