'Biomega Recycle Bikes' are pre-used or are having manufacturing defects with small flaws. We have divided the bikes into three different categories – making it easy for you to find the bike, that suits you the best. Actual imperfections will differ for each bike and will be visualized and described under each product.

All 'Biomega Recycle Bikes' have gone through yet another ‘Biomega Quality Check’ by our mechanics to make sure, that they feel brand new and comes with a minimum of 2 years warranty as well as free shipping within Europe when ordering an e-bike.

Brand new bike
Close to perfect
Minor cosmetic flaws
Full extended Biomega warranty

Pre-used for demo or test
Minor cosmetic flaws and scratches
Age 0-6 months
Warranty: 2 years

Pre used for demo or test
Noticeable cosmetic flaws
Scratches and inconsistenscies
Age 6-24 months
Warranty: 2 years

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