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Manoeuvres perfectly

“The PEK Biomega bicycle is the first hard core Biomega commuter bicycle. The bike design takes its cue from the Biomega BOS bike design. It feels crazy that a gigantic bike handles as lightly as a compact city bike. The lightweight aluminum bike frame and neat geometry does the job.” says Biomega founder and KiBiSi bike designer Jens Martin Skibsted.

The PEK bike handles as a normal bicycle – with or without load.

Developed for city bike dwellers, the PEK features a light aluminum bike frame, making it a one-of-a-kind lightweight commuter bike, weighing only 17,8 kg.

Biomega’s PEK bicycle can boast about being the best 2-wheeled urban commuter bike available to-date. The intelligent and cool bike design takes it cue from our BOS model, meaning this is a definite pick for the design conscious traveler.

The PEK bike is perfect for the daily commute when you need to transport more than just the basics. The front carrier can hold a maximum load of 50 kg.

The PEK bike steers and feels exactly like a regular 2-wheeler bike, making the ride fast and smooth.

The PEK bike front fork is painted with a night glow effect that lights up at night providing you with extra safety.

The PEK bike comes with two gearing options: Shimano Alfine 11 speed mechanical.

The PEK bike comes with Gates Carbon belt drive. It is stronger, quieter and requires less maintenance. It’s grease-free, oil-free and hassle-free. It won’t leave any marks on your pants and you will never have to pull over to fix a dropped bike chain.

Manoeuvres perfectly

Second-to-none handling and maneuverability. The only big commuter bike that handles like a normal bicycle – with or without cargo.



Biomega aluminum frame with CNC logo


Biomega aluminum fork


Gates Carbon external belt drive


Biomega aluminum handlebar


Biomega aluminum stem


Biomega saddle


Shimano hydraulic disc brakes


Shimano Alfine 11 speed


Back wheel / 26 inches wheel & Front wheel / 20 inches wheel


Uni size


18 kg

Seat clamp

Biomega Seat clamp


Bring your stuff

The PEK has an aluminum front carrier with a maximum load of 50 kg, so it´s possible to bring projects for work, luggage or groceries on you way home from work.


Shipping to be calculated based on delivery destination. Sizing Guide: The PEK is a unisize bike with a 50cm seatpost tube length. The reccomended range is 165-185cm (5'5"-6'1") If you have any questions please contact - [email protected]