Biomega Butterfly

The world’s first combined reflective and night glow tie and bow tie for enhanced safety in traffic - and in nightlife. The tie was designed by Jens Martin Skibsted. The founder and a main designer in Biomega alongside Marc Newson, Ross Lovegrove and Bjarke Ingels. The look is a classic striped American type school tie – and a bow tie in the same look. The grey stripes are reflective. The stripes are night glow. The reflective stripes will reflect a frontal car beam and the night glow stripes will light up, having been lit, when no light is projected on the tie. This should work equally well on the bike lane as on the dance floor. “This is Biomega’s first venture into something as seemingly non-core than a tie. The design takes its cue from my old boarding schools tie, but the stripes are grey instead of blue and the direction of the stripes is conform to American tradition instead of European. We thought it was fun to integrate traffic related functions in a (bow) tie like we do on the bikes,” says designer and Biomega founder Jens Martin Skibsted. He adds, “This is tongue in cheek expression of Biomega’s ethos, where commuter technology meets design. I hope savvy commuters will have some fun with it.”