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  1. OKOLS_rosa_m_logo_new.jpg
    OKO LS - Limited Edition

    We’re proud to introduce the brand new OKO LOW STEP. The newest addition to our family of strong designer e-bikes, all built by hand in Denmark.

    Enjoy a comfortable commute with the new OKO LOW STEP. The sleek carbon frame houses a powerful battery and features a low step design for easy mounting.

    We have teamed up with COSTUME magasin to make this Limited edition model in Rose Pink.

    This amazing colour is very limited so be sure to act quickly and grab it !

  2. Top.jpg
    OKO LS

    The OKO Lowstep is a unique, fashionable and high-performance bicycle from Biomega, designed for those who live a truly urban lifestyle. In-line with Biomega’s pioneering chainless bikes, the OKO caters to the modern traveler by incorporating an active electrical power source, meaning more prolonged and ef cient travel. This ambitious expression of Biomega’s ethos combines cutting-edge commuter technology with top-end quality design.

    The ingeniousness of the OKO/Tokyo has only been possible due to the (once again) highly successful collaboration between Danish design group KiBiSi and Biomega - built purely with the commuters sense of tranquility and comfort in mind.

    This bike functions to last - the full carbon design is impressively strong, making it a match for even the most robust urban environment. Fitted with integrated front and rear mudguards, the bike incorporates a single, unique carbon belt drive, replacing the chain altogether. Impressively, the OKO weighs in at just 18,6kg, making it one of, if not the lightest commuter e-bike available on the market today.

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