Although the primary function of a bicycle wheel is to allow the rider to move smoothly and comfortably forward, it has a great many other jobs to do, particularly on a Biomega OKO.

The OKO has its motor built into the front wheel hub. This needs to be supported by spokes tightened to a specific tension for optimum performance. Our spokes are made from aluminium alloy, which can handle this tension, whilst also being very light.

As with any bicycle, the OKO’s rear wheel encounters the greatest load because it is supporting a large proportion of the rider’s weight, along with the gears. Gears are always on the right hand side, so the right hand side of the rear wheel is under the greatest strain. 

For this reason, the OKO’s rear spoke geometry is asymmetric, with right hand side spokes fitted under a higher tension than the left. Like the front wheels, these are hand built in a workshop, not bashed out on a production line. The result is a set of wheels that subtly hide a wealth of precision engineering and craftsmanship.

Equally subtle but totally unique are our specially designed wheel hub nuts, which look as sleek, refined and high quality as the Biomega frame. As far as we know, no other manufacturer has bothered to focus on improving the aesthetics of such a small component, other than to add their logo. 

But, when we have gone to so much trouble to redefine how a bicycle is created, it would have been a shame to spoil it by putting on the wheels with something low quality and off-the-shelf.