There are three really useful things you can do using air pressure to maintain your Biomegasimply using your bike pump. 

1. Inflation

Keeping your tyres correctly inflated is safer and reduces rolling resistance. This helps you travel faster, using less energy per trip. 
So you won’t need to recharge your battery quite so often. The more you travel each day, the more often you should check your tyre pressure. For example, if you ride 10 km per day, we recommend you check once a month. If you travel 20 km a day, you should do this every two weeks. The correct tyre pressure is printed on the sidewall of the tyre, measured in bar or psi. 

2. Brake pads

You can extend the life of your brake pads and brake discs by keeping them clean. Pump air into the brake callipers to remove dust and dirt. Then use a clean, white, cotton cloth to wipe the discs, removing dust or any oily contamination picked up from the road. Using a white cloth helps you see when the disc is spotless.

3. Belt drive

Air pressure can also be used as a cleaning tool to keep your drive belt in good condition. When you cycle, the large 
front chain ring attracts mud, dirt and tiny stones. This debris can be transferred in between the teeth of the drive belt. Pumping air along the row of teeth will keep them clean, prevent damage to the belt and make it last longer.