We were one of the first cycle manufacturers to ditch the chain when we introduced our iconic non-electric bikes. Even today, metal chains are still the predominant way of transferring power from pedal to wheel, even though most cyclists who commute moan about oily fingers and clunking gears.

Since Victorian times, chains have worked perfectly well but they need oiling, they stretch and contract with changing temperature and they wear out. They also expose the rider to a piece of greasy engineering.

Belts have been used in the automotive industry for 30 years. Every car has a fan belt, for example. But belt technology has advanced so much that belts now drive 10,000 horsepower racing engines. 

This fact alone should reassure you, if you are concerned that a belt drive on a bike is up to the job. Our belts are made by Gates, the American company that invented GoreTex and are regarded as the best in the world. They are made by reinforcing nylon teeth with carbon fibre. They are maintenance free, need no adjustment and can function successfully in temperatures from -53 to 85 degrees centigrade.

Even if you cannot.